Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life in NTU Computer Science

Well.... I really hated my course. Computer science. If given a choice, I would have chosen something else. Something that is less project intensive. I think NTU Computer Science is the most intensive among the four Universities offering the IT courses. Not only are the project tough, where you would find yourself figuring how to solve the problem yourself with no lecture slides to go through but only Google as your best companion, the quiz question depending if you are lucky or not you may get question that test you on one single concept throughout the entire paper. Yeap, it's throughout. So for example, out of complacency or time constraint, you miss that one single chapter or page, "Boom" you fail. It's seriously not fair and I feel that it is not the best way to test a student especially when you just change your syllabus with limited amount of Pyp to refer to and with so many heavy project throughout the entire semester. There could be the reason why 50% of our cohort are hating what they are studying and thus pulling the grades down. I also feel it's super unfair as the foreigners may have done that in their own country and hence are not on even ground. How can you set a bell curve like that. That is not teaching le. That is call learn it yourself. No wonder many of us are not turning up for lecture because it is pointless. You are setting question from things that you are not teaching. Haiz... I really feel it that way. Hence I would persuade those who is coming into NTU Comp sci to think twice before coming. Do not regret or tricked by the salary survey. Life throughout the four years are tougher than you can imagine.

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