Thursday, April 3, 2014

Life sucks in NTU

Well.... I would say life in NTU computer science is really not easy. But I have learn alot. Everyday, it's either juggling with coding or lectures or tutorials or CCAs because I need to stay in hall as I live too far away from Pulau NTU. I do not really have time for myself seriously. Wake up in the morning 6 am and reach home at 12 midnight and it starts all over again. Then Saturday and Sunday have to chiong projects and recorded lecture because you really cannot grasp what the professor are speaking. I would say half of them don't even know what they are teaching. Why do I say so? Well.... there are instances when we ask them questions, the prof or the lecturer would try to push by saying it's in the note or you have to google it yourself or blah blah. I know of one who would tell you something like this.... "you should have learn this in the lecture note...." or "Everything could be found in the notes". Dude if we have known the answer, we do not need to ask you in the first place and you do not need to be here. Seriously, knowing your work and educating others is really two different entities. Now, I really appreciate all my teachers back in primary all the way to JC days. So i guess this also further imply that you could be an elitist but that doesn't make you god. Sometime i do really wonder how does NTU choose their prof? Is it like how Iphone chose their staff (Grades) which makes them weaker ever since the fall of their god Steve Job. Do not forget it's the student who improve the ranking and not the professor. And mind you, the students from China, India, Vietnam are doing well because they learn it before in their homeland and not from NTU. This could be seen from their absenteeism from lectures. I once talk to some of the deans in my school, they told me theres no point going for lecture. Just do your work and prepare for the final because the final is the most important. Fuck care about the mid term and the rest coz it's wasting your time. Is that true? Can someone clarify with me?

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