Friday, June 6, 2014

Do not continue if you get rejected. Stay cool and move on

In NTU, this is the place where I first met a girl who I fell in love and have the courage to confess to her. Unfortunately, heaven has her decision, I was rejected on my first confession. The reason she gave was, " I want to concentrate on study and I don't want to reject or get rejected". I was naive or maybe blinded by love that I misunderstood what she meant. I continued and tried my best to win her over. Though I admit, her impression of me does change as can be seen from her replies, but that does not mean I have won the battle. I continue on to pursue her at the risk of my result and grades which plummeted. In the end, I still did not get her. She tried her best to avoid me, giving me excuses whenever I ask her out or plan group outings. And now in my third year, I finally would say I GAVE UP. I shall put my every heart and soul to my studies and not care about relationship. It's really sad sometime that you get rejected on your first attempt after 20+ years. I do not know how to describe. You really feel very lousy and devastated. The sour feeling you will have whenever you see her around and other couple walking past you. But it also makes you give up on finding your other half. Now I understand why people wants to stay single throughout their life. Not because they have never tried but rather they tried and failed and do not wish to get hurt or lose anything again. Forever alone. I spoke to few elderly who are singles and I agree with what they say. Ii's okay to be single, you do not need to worry about the growing expenses because you only have one mouth to feed and that is you. With the convenience of so many religious activities and community centres, you also do not need to feel lonely. With your remaining hard earned CPF and savings, you can easily employed maid or hospice to care for you when you are old. That is because these organisation knows that you are alone and when you passed on, your belongings will go to them. That's true. I agree. So fight on all singles. Do not need to be afraid. As the saying goes, do not be afraid to be different. That shows you have personality and not a follower. Do not need to be afraid to be single throughout your life as that means you can do what you like. Freedom!1

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